To Spam Or Not To Spam – That Is The Question

Have you been taught by your company to spam your social media profiles with pictures, posts, videos and articles about the company and products you are selling and/or endorsing?

The company you work with, your boss or your upline, have provided you with professional short videos and photos branded with company logos and products and instructed you to share with all your friends, thus resulting in your personal Facebook profile being turned into a free advertising space which then looks like spam!!

And in turn, your friends have done 1 or all of the following:

Unfollowed (Still friends but no longer seeing posts from that person)


Privately or publicly told them to stop spamming Facebook

Reported them to Facebook as a Spammer

And finally, stopped inviting you to social gatherings, because the only thing worse than having your newsfeed full of MLM, product and service based spam is to have someone verbally assault you with a “new ground floor opportunity” over some cocktails.

None of the above scenarios will help you grow your business, and can be downright discouraging for most.

Now here’s a little secret about Social Media… no one goes there to buy stuff!

People go on social media to be entertained, informed or to connect. That’s it.

Which is why if you post stuff about your company or products in your personal news feed, people are likely to have an adverse reaction or at least not the reaction you’d like. 

It’d be as if someone pulled a bottle of weight loss pills out of their bag and tried to enroll you on autoship, while you are out at a dinner. It’s out of place.

What is acceptable in a social setting, however, is when you see a friend you haven’t seen in a few months and you noticed they lost some weight and you tell them they look great and ask them what they did to lose weight? (Or when your friends see that you lost weight!)

Or you are with your girlfriends and someone notices that another friend’s complexion or skin looks healthier/younger and a conversation strikes up about that and what they did! (Or what you did!)

When someone see’s a desirable outcome appear in your life that they also desire, they are likely to ask you how you attained it and want for themselves?

In this scenario, you are not selling, per se, because they are seeking to be INFORMED on how they can achieve the same result too.

When this happens, you’ll want to schedule a call to CONNECT offline or via private message later (or outside the social setting), which is where the buying conversation begins.

And here’s why doing this is important…

1) You take the conversation outside of a social setting (i.e. no longer weird)

2) On the scheduled call, you are now the AUTHORITY (i.e. it’s a consultation call)

As far as your friend is concerned, you are the only person who has the knowledge to help them achieve similar results as they have seen it for themselves.

You are a CONSULTANT and a LEADER, who has paved a proven and safe path for them to follow towards a desired result. 

The company and or the product happen to be the product you recommend, but you are the one whom can show them how to use it, because you’ve done it. You don’t need to go deep into the science or any of the features, because they trust your expertise.

This is how YOUR BRAND develops. Eventually enough people will begin to view you as the person who can help people produce X result in their life!

And as you help more people achieve results in their lives and post success stories about the people you’ve helped, more of your friends and contacts on Facebook will inquire!

Through it all, you’ve never mentioned your company name, because people want to be led to a result, not pitched a product.

There are lots of weight loss products on store shelves and on the internet they can buy already. These are commodities and nothing special, because no one they know has gotten results with them.

If you talk about your company or name your product… you diminish your value as a leader. Then you, your company and your product will be lumped together with all the others as a commodity in a crowded market place.

However, your expertise, a willingness to lead them to a result and personal success stories cannot be commoditized.

Friends being willing to help another friend lose weight or look better or be wealthier is a blessing you have the power to bestow on others, if you position yourself correctly – regardless of your experience in this industry.

It’s about laying the ground game to not only find prospects or customers for your business, but to grow into a trusted brand whom represents health and wealth!

The more people you help, the bigger your brand grows.

Hope this helps!


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