Should Your Facebook Profile Be Public Or Private?

A question that I get a lot about personal profile is this, “My personal profile is for my friends and family to see my kid’s photos,” blah blah blah. 

The thing about this is your on Facebook to build a business. Regardless whether you use it to send your photo to friends and family. If they’re that important, get an email, send it to them, or go and meet them for a coffee, whatever. 

Facebook is for business, full stop. It’s all for business even if you haven’t been using it for business. Because we’ve created a profile where we’ve put our best foot forward for years. We’ve used it to show off successes, show our wins and we’ve hidden our losses most of the time. 

What we’ve done is we’ve created a profile which makes us look our absolute best. If friends and family don’t like what you post


Fine, they don’t like it. I wouldn’t go to my friend’s place of work, I wouldn’t go to their office, I don’t tell them how to do their job.  Facebook has become your office. Using the personal profile will allow you to have more success and more wins in your business (Especially in the beginning. As your influence grows so does how you build your business)

Using your personal profile in short, is going to give you better engagement.  More engagement will give you more people to speak to. Kinda obvious when you think about it?

Hope this helps!


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