How to use Social Media to build your business online.

Let’s start to dive a little bit deeper with this.  Number one, how to find prospects. 

You’re going to have to build your personal brand on Facebook. It’s a personal business. The thing to remember here, guys, is that every single person has the same opportunity available to them. 

Even if you’re in different companies. It’s health and wellness that we’re marketing, it might be service based network marketing. 

Whatever it is, we’ve all got a very similar vehicle. It’s all “ground floor”, right?

With the boom of the internet and how that ties in with the boom of network marketing, we’ve got people who have access to this same information. Information just your opportunity, it’s a commodity.

What I mean by that is that everybody has the same. What can you do to stand out? You need your personal brand to be really, really loud in the marketplace. There’s a lot of noise in life. There’s a lot of people who are trying to crack that space, who are trying to be the go-to guy or girl in network marketing. 

You’ve got people who are trying to pitch their opportunity. 

You’ve got people who are trying to pitch that they can show you how to pitch your opportunity. 

You’ve got people also pitching that network marketing isn’t the thing. 

It’s a very loud, noisy space to be in. 

Creating a personal brand. Not only do you cut through all that, but you’ll see it in such a way where people are drawn to come to you as well.

Hope this helps!


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