Your Mess Is Your Message

Social media is a space where you can show your personality lots.  Be more you.  That is a scary word sometimes, social media. We’ve got fear of judgement , fear of people not liking us, fear of people maybe questioning who we are and what we are and all those things. 

I understand.  The more that you can connect with yourself the more that you can show that, the more that you can show up consistently being that person and talking in your own language. 

The more people will connect back in with you.  In real life I swear a lot (shock horror). I cuss like a sailor and so guess what?! 

I swear on Facebook. I get that for some people they won’t like that, and that’s fine. It actually is a good thing because it pushes away, repels the people that I don’t want to have in my life. 

There’s no point in me being on social media one thing and then in real life being something else. Because then I would be inoffensive. Being personal means being authentic to yourself.  Sharing who you are, speaking how you are, and the right people will come to you from that. 

They will love you for it.

Hope this helps!


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