How To Go Pro On Social Media

How can you make your page look more professional?  If you use a personal page for your brand, it’s important to review and tidy your page. If you’ve got on your profile pictures you at university 10 years ago, absolutely steaming drunk, a night out with friends, and you’ve got a bottle of alcohol in your hand and you’ve got a funny look in your eye 

Do you know what? Go back and delete that stuff. It doesn’t represent you and your brand.  If your brand is you get drunk and have fun, great, go for it, it represents you.  Make sure that you’re consistent and people see you.

I check out people’s profiles a lot where you see a very nice, professional photo, and then I click through their profile pictures,  because this is what everybody does. 

They have a bit of a stalk and check out the person they’re speaking to. Then they go back two or three photos, and there’ll be a badly taken photo, there’ll be a photo of them passed out on a night out. 

I’m telling my audience I am promoting a healthy lifestyle. Great. I can see three or four photos a few months ago that maybe you’re not that person, you haven’t always been that person.  People make very quick decisions about who they think you are as a person. Don’t give them something to not know, like, or trust you about.

Keep your profile clean. 

This means no links to your business or to your titles. This gives the game away. You’ve just friend requested somebody. They thought, “Okay, cool, I’m going to check this person out. Have a look, job, ARA, diamond affiliate, whatever, for this network marketing company.” 

Something like that. Straightaway they know what you do. The company, they link some sort of business page, straightaway they know about that business. That’ll do one of two things. 

It will make that person think, “I now know why they’ve added me,” and so this will increase resistance in any future conversations with that person. 

Or they don’t know anything about it, it’ll give them an opportunity to have a Google.  Most people start Googling things, and network marketing has a lot of stuff attached to it.  It has the word “scammer” and everything goes. 

We’re a sceptical species.  Basic human psychology reverts us back to two things: survival and making babies. We live in a state of fear quite often. We want to protect ourselves.  If we ever see the word “scam” or “pyramid scheme” or anything like that, as great as it sounds, it sounds too good to be true. 

Again, it heightens people’s resistance to listening to your opportunity. And that is the exact opposite of what you want to achieve.

Hope this helps!


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