The Small Things Matter (phew)

Here is one of my secret tips to help me look like a pro.  It all comes down to little, tiny details like a cover photo and a professional profile photo.  If you’ve built this business on your own don’t have a profile picture which is you with, I don’t know, your husband or a group of friends on your profile picture. Have you as your profile picture. 

YOU are your brand remember. If your brand represents you being a family person, great, maybe have your family involved or your kids involved in your cover photo perhaps.

Nothing looks better than a professional head shot. Selfie style still works really well here. Invest a bit of money in just having some nice photos done. Very simple, head and shoulders shot. Nice makeup, nice hair, looking professional. 

Again, thinking about what does this represent of you?  For your cover photo, there are some great free websites available. I absolutely love Canva actually allows you to design many things. You can actually specifically choose Facebook cover photo, Facebook post, Twitter cover, Instagram. 

Every sort of platform that you can possibly think of so all of the sizing, everything fits perfect. 

It allows you to upload a photo of yourself, you can maybe use an existing or a pre-designed cover photo you can drop your image into and then the text. 

Keeping in mind, again, your brand, your colours, what you represent.  If your cover photo is your company logo or your company products. Again, it’s giving the game away. 

Brand you.

Hope this helps!


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