Is Your Opportunity For Everyone?

Now, I know that there are a number of people that will be reading this who are involved in network marketing who maybe sell a product in the health and wellness industry, who maybe are service based or who maybe are selling consumable products, maybe something like wine or may be involved in the travel industry.

At first glance, it would seem that your opportunity can be for everyone, right? If you’re selling health and wellness and you’re selling skincare and products, everyone hopefully takes a shower every day.  That means potentially everybody in the world could be something that could listen to this opportunity. 

Yes, while that’s technically correct, it doesn’t mean that our approach should be to try and catch everybody.  What we need to become are super specialists in our niche. We need to understand who our people are. This is going to help us to grow our tribe. Our vibe attracts our tribe. We hear that all the time. 

That is especially true in network marketing. It’s true for a number of reasons. Here’s one of the main ones.  When you’re looking to grow a brand online, you need to have very, very clear boundaries.  You need to have a lot of clarity as to who you are, what you stand for, what you represent, and the type of people who you can help. On the internet there are so many people out there vying for the same audience, for the same space, for the same market. 

Network marketing, we’re told that we work in collaboration. I can tell you now that’s bullshit. Here’s why. 

We’re all in competition. 

Even if you’re in the same company, if that person is not in your team and they are trying to find prospects, if they’re trying to find customers, they are not somebody who’s your team member, they are somebody who is out there to try and grab their market share. 

If they do so, that means there’s less for you to take, so you have to be smart in terms of how you approach your market. 

Let’s take a look at an athlete, like an Olympic, gold medal athlete. Do you get athletes who are trying to win a bit of everything? Do you have someone who’s doing the 100-meter sprint, trying to do the long jump, javelin, a marathon runner, or do they specialise in one field, in one sport in particular? 

Do they get really good at that so they’re the absolute best or do they try and be a little bit good at everything? 

Make sense? 

Hope this helps!


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