You’re In The People Game

Network marketing has nothing to do with products, with presentations, with scripts, with speeches, with ground-floor opportunity.  It is a people business. 

Product doesn’t sell itself. People sell products. Businesses don’t build themselves. People build businesses. Nobody leads themselves. People lead people. This is a business where you need to understand human psychology.  Understand humans, know how they work, and that’s going to help you moving forward and growing your business. 

What is in it for them? 

Again, it’s great for us to talk about ourselves. We talk about what our brand values are. We talk about our successes. But other people don’t give a shit about that. As humans, we are designed on a subconscious and a conscious level to be self-serving.  We will always, always put ourselves first. Even if we do a noble act, it is because it makes us feel good to do that noble act. 

Anyone ever seen the episode of Friends where Phoebe tries to do a ‘noble act’? Everything that we want and we need and desire is from a self-serving point of view. You’ve got to think about your audience in that way.  As tough as it sounds, they don’t give a shit about you; they only care about themselves, so what is in it for them? 

How can you demonstrate that you can help them?

How can you demonstrate that your opportunity will be something which can help them, which can give them more of what they want, which can be a solution to their problems?

Hope this helps!


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