Emotion vs Logic

It has been proven that people buy emotionally and they back it up with logic.  This is why its so very very important to appeal to both parts of the brain.  Logic makes people think and emotion makes people act. 

Now, here’s something to consider, we know that there are different personalities types we know that there are different ways we can describe them.  Some people use animals. Some people use colours to describe different personality types. 

Different personality types react slightly differently to emotional and logical information and how it’s provided as well.  So put into context the people that you are speaking to. If you’re speaking to a very analytical person who likes information, well then it makes more sense to have more logic in your approach. 

If you’re speaking to someone who is a circle or a squiggle, who is more creative, than more emotional connection will make sense to them.  So, think about who it is that you’re speaking to. 

You should be aware of this if you’re following our blueprint the entire way through. Because you’ve got initial engagement, you’re then qualifying people by going through your questions to find out three reasons why. You’re gonna have a very good concept, and a very good understanding of who it is that you are speaking to.

Hope this helps!


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