How To 10X Your Business In 4 Months

July 2016 WE sat down at our kitchen table and made a plan. A plan which would change our lives forever. But, let me set the scene… We were exhausted. Physically and mentally broken. The day before we had sold over $8000 worth of product between the two of us. Our team contributed maybe $500 or so.

We had set ourselves a target of $20,000 the month before and at 9am June 30th we had just over $12,000 in sales. We could have very easily not bothered. We could have sent a message to our downline, pushing them to hit ‘their’ target. We could have made excuses.

We didn’t. Instead, we called in a couple of favours with parents, went in to our home office at 9.32am and did not leave until 10.01pm. We didn’t eat, we didn’t shower. We just committed.

And we hit our target. The next day, tired, exhausted, anxious knowing this was THE moment. Every fibre of our body was telling us not to go for it.

Play safe.

Do it next month.

You cannot do this yet.

You’re not ready.

Yet me still made a plan that night to go for it because we had focus. We knew that by promoting another level in our business,we would create a platform for ourselves that would give us the life we aspired to have and would allow us to help the people we wanted to help.

All of my life I have struggled to fit in. I was always part of the ‘cool’ crowd at school, but they were never really my people. I love an underdog. The person who doesn’t have any right to be successful, the person who against all insurmountable odds goes on to achieve their dreams, to beat thier enemy, to prove the world wrong. 

I knew we had to do this, not for us, for them. For all of you in here right now. We had to prove that a business could be built online, that there was another way.

It was mapped out, we made our plan and committed to achieving it. If we achieved this it meant our business would have grown from $3000 to £40,000 in just 4 months. Even writing that now makes me feel sick. Let me tell you why this post is so important for you, right now, reading this.

ANYTHING is possible. You just need to make a decision and have focus.

Hope this helps!


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