Should You Mention The Name Of Your MLM?

When we first started our journey in network marketing in early 2015 we did not want to tell anybody we was doing it at first. Not because we were not able to admit or didn’t want to tell people that we was doing it, but we were always very conscious of, “Let’s create curiosity.” 

We did. We would talk about the business, we would talk about events we were going to. But just wouldn’t name the company. We wouldn’t pitch products online either and we kept on with that for a significant amount of time. 

Then we got excited because we was having some success with the company. People were listening to us, we were starting to have some traction in the space, in the company, and we were starting to speak at events and lead trainings.

So of course, we started name dropping our company all over our social media. 

What actually happened when we did that is that all of a sudden our posts and our engagement, which were creeping up to 30, 40, 50, 60 likes consistently, it just bottomed out. 

It was as if our entire audience switched off. 

We couldn’t really work it out, we was thinking, “Why has this happened?” We tracked it back and we looked to what our posts were doing before we announced it and what they did after that. As soon as we announced it, as soon as we started using the company name, as soon as we started talking about products online our interaction just disappeared. 

We then spoke to some of our friends and family. What they told us is that, “Look, it’s great for you but it’s not for us. We don’t want to be sold to. We don’t want to hear about this business thing that you are doing.” 

They were still our friend on Facebook but they’d just chosen to unfollow us. 

This is what I’m talking about with the risk to reputation. 

It doesn’t have to be so severe that people are no longer your friend, and I don’t just mean in the Facebook sense, I’m talking in the real world sense as well, offline. 

There is zero point in having 1000’s of friends on Facebook and growing a business on social media if no one is following you.

Build curiosity and then grab their attention!

Hope this helps!


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