The Risk Of Network Marketing

There are three types risk when you join a network marketing business. 

* Financial

* Time

* Reputational

There is risk to your finances because you need money to get started with, you’ve got to get an initial business order, you’ve got to pay for your registration fee, things like that. 

There is a risk to your time. It takes time to get started, you have to learn new skills, you’ve got to do the required training, you’ve got to learn the system, how the hierarchy of the system works. The thing that a lot of people miss out, especially when trying to build online, is their reputation to risk. How you behave online, how you directly message people, how you become dis-agreeable to people who have a J.O.B can hurt you long term plans.

Network Marketing is a long term game.

* Invest in things that will help YOU financially.

* Invest your time in to groups that will help YOU use your time wisely.

* Invest in usable business principles that will help YOU to build a long term business 

Hope this helps!


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