Should You be Friends With Your Clients On Social Media?

Are you friends with your clients on social media?? It is so important to form a good relationship with your clients, making sure you stay at the fore front of there minds…. A couple of great ways to do this is to:

1. Create a professional Facebook account / profile for yourself and add your clients as friends (this is great if you want to be known as the owner of your business and as an expert in what you do – and you SHOULD want to be known as an expert!)

Make it part of your daily routine to like and comment on your clients. Every now and then, post up an update from your life or business (but don’t post the drunk photos or personal opinions or venting or rants on this profile at all, you want to keep a professional image).

2. Make sure your business Instagram account is following your client’s Instagram accounts, and every now and then, go through and like and comment on their photos.

This will make them feel like you care about them and are interested in their lives (and ideally, you are). They will like you more, recommend more people to you, and buy from you more. If you have staff that ever don’t have anything to do, this is a great thing to get them to do in downtime.

Never underestimate the importance of building & maintaining relationships with your clients and making sure they know that you care about them. The more effort like this that you put in that no other businesses do, the more successful you will become.

Go above and beyond, consistently, and it will pay off!!!

Hope this helps!


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