Facebook Business pages – what’s the point if you are a network marketer?

Let’s take a look at this logically. Business pages have an organic reach of 6-8% So let’s do the maths here.

Online marketing tells us that out of 100 people you market to 90 will be passive, 9 will be engaged, 1 will do something. So we need our page to have 1428 likes to organically reach 100 people for one person to join via attraction marketing.

Potentially you could say that you need 100 new exposures per month. So your page needs to grow by 1428 Likes per month.

The average top level leader in network marketing directly sponsored 42 people (based on the 100+ people I have personally asked). That means your page will need to be liked by 60,000 if your biz page was your only outreach method.

If you want success on a biz page, you gotta pay to play

So, what’s the point?

For many of you, not much.

People tend to say the following to me in response, but what about

* Facebook Ads

* Links to my company website

* Schedule posts

If you are using any of the above, consistently and with proven success in network marketing, reach out, and I will pay you to train you all in here. There are people who have been learning online marketing for years, who still struggle to keep up with the changes.

Do you know what doesn’t change?


Study how human’s work and think. Understand, or at least have a concept on how to market yourself and your business.

These things NEVER change.

Focus on the right things to grow success in your business. Messing around to make a business page look “just right” ain’t growing your business or earning you money.

Hope this helps!


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