9 Ways To Use Your Upline’s Experience To Your Advantage

So you’re new to business or you are scared sh*tless ‘cos you tell yourself you know sweet FA or you feeling a little rusty on prospecting. Here are my top 9 tips on how you can leverage your upline’s experience to become a Network Marketing legend using edification.

1. Make sure you can do 3-Way Calling on your phone system. Typically on Android and iPhone, you call 1 person and when they answer you then hit ADD CALL. When the 2nd person answers you then click MERGE CALL. Always make sure it’s a good time for both parties.

2. Pre-qualify your contact, re their interest ~ Product ~ Business ~ or Both. That way, your third party expert whom you have chosen for the 3-way call will know where to focus their energy.

3. Be sure to Edify your third party expert ~ and your contact. See below on Edification.

4. Before doing 3-way calls ~ get a brief bio on your expert and contact.

5. Set an appointment for the 3-way call. Start with your expert re timing. Give a small description of your contact.

6. The day of the appointment ~ call your expert first before calling your contact.

7. Call your contact. After connecting you want to ask them if it’s still a good time to chat. NOTE: if I hear screaming children in background or any distractions I typically set up another time. They will have a hard time paying attention to your expert.

8. Intro your expert. Make sure you edify him / her ~ and then your contact.

9. Now let your expert (partner) talk to begin the relationship journey with your contact.

Hope this helps!


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