Can You Smell What The Rock Is Cooking?

I’m a WWE fan. It makes me LOL and something about the over the top characters makes me smile as I fondly reminisce back over my childhood.

My favourite character was The Rock. The most electric man in sports entertainment. So what’s this got to do with social media and marketing your business?

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has created an epic brand and become the #1 movie star in the world.

Pretty crazy considering his company is called $7 productions based on his rags to riches story of being on his arse and having only a handful of money in his pocket. So what makes his story so cool.

1. Dude is seriously CONSISTENT. He shows up every day in every area of his life. Gym, movies, guest appearances, social media.

2. He’s ready to go all the time. He’s in peak physical condition 365 days a year. He isn’t like most movie stars who have to prepare for a role. He’s ready to go now and so gets paid ready to go money.

3. The guy is uber confident, knows his worth and asks for it.

4. The guy is AUTHENTIC he shares his woes, he tells his story and doesn’t hide from the truth (apart from the roids ffs the guy is jacked)

5. He knows his audience and chooses to be ENTERTAINING. He signs autographs, he smiles for photos, he gives his audience what they want.

All of the above applies to all of us. Whether selling you, your opportunity or products. Are you ready to go?

If not, there’s a guy like me or The Rock ready to go all in on that area and dominate. Here’s my advice to help you get that advantage and appeal to the millions and MILLIONS of Rock fans around the world. Know your brand values, know your market, know their problems. Apply a solution to them.

What are you doing all this for?

To make money. To have more freedom. To have more time. To go kick some ass and lay the smack down on all your competitors asses.

Hope this helps!


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