Leah Castle

July 2019 

Leah Castle – Living On Roots

My Story

Living On Roots started in early 2018 as a simple blog for me to share my food journey and recipe attempts as I learned more about nutrition. If anything I thought it would be a fun adventure. Well….. turns out it ended up being my passion, which led me to a holistic nutrition certification and now a business dedicated to inspiring and supporting women want to eat and live better, but just have a hard time making it a priority.

The women I meet don’t have time for elaborate and complicated meals. They want a balance of convenience, simplicity, nutrition and most importantly….delicious. So in addition to regularly posted recipes and healthy life tips, Living On Roots also offers a proven 28-day program, membership access to weekly meal plans with itemized shopping lists, and personal coaching tailored to making healthy work in your busy life. Through Living On Roots I have been able to positively impact the lives of people, which gives meaning to all the hard work.

Getting Living On Roots to this point was and still is a bit of a roller coaster but it was the VIP Life that helped me get there. To be recognized as Member of the Month amongst so many other dedicated, talented and aspiring entrepreneurs is such an honor. It feeds my confidence (which can be a little shaky at times) and re-enforces the feeling that I am on the right path.

My favorite thing about being in the VIP Life are the business tools I keep adding to my toolbox. It has helped identify the parts of my business that needed focused effort so I could stop wasting time on things that were not adding value. Building your business in an online space can be very challenging and scary and having the

VIP Life there to help me navigate the art and science of running an online business is priceless. There is no doubt that if I didn’t have the VIP Life to help me learn the digital world and communicate the value of my product, I would have never had the guts to actually start my business.

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If you’ve read my story and want to know more about joining The VIP Life, check out my link below.



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