Get More IG Engagement: Remove Bots + Ghost Followers.⁣ Here’s how…..

🤳🏼 Get More IG Engagement: Remove Bots + Ghost Followers.⁣ Here’s how…..

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📱Right now, we’re bracing ourselves for more changes, which could significantly shift how we’re using Instagram to market. ⁣

⁣Have you had a recent string of fake followers or maybe you are looking at your account and thinking how do I even determine if this is a ghost follower? Or a bot?⁣

I’m going to break down how to determine if the accounts are bot accounts or a ghost follower following your account + how to clean up your account to make sure your posts are being seen by people who actually comment and engage.⁣

👻 Simply put, ghost followers are usually accounts that are created solely for the purpose of following other users. They do not actively engage in any user activities, including liking or sharing the posts of the users they follow.⁣

Ghost followers may also include those users who make an account and follow some users, but do not engage in any other user activities. However, most ghost followers are created by bots that use multiple proxies for mass account creation.⁣

Having a lot of ghost followers on your account may land you in trouble. However, as it isn’t something completely within your control.⁣

Let me explain how to distinguish ghost followers from real ones, in order to avoid ending up blocking your real followers:⁣

  • Ghost followers usually have incomplete profiles – no or very short bio, their name has #’s mixed with letters like a61236 or no profile picture and so on.⁣
  • They usually have no to very few posts up to 6.⁣
  • They have a terribly high following to followers ratio.⁣
  • They have very little user activity, except simply following a bunch of accounts (usually regularly)⁣

So you might be wondering where did I get these bots accounts from and how do I get rid of them?⁣

There are two ways that bot accounts will home in on you.⁣

⁣If you are using hashtags that are very large, I’m talking about hashtags that have millions of entries in them.⁣

When you use that LARGE hashtag they have bots that will target you. for two main reasons. Number 1 they want to sell you something. So they will hit you up on the DM or they’ll leave a comment on your account to buy their products. ⁣

⁣Now the other reason why these bots are targeting your account is because they really want to follow accounts to make them look legitimate. So that people that are actually buying “real followers” are buying accounts that are just fully automated. Which is no good.⁣

2) Now the second reason you might be getting a lot of bot of ghost followers is that you follow very large instagram accounts. People that have millions of followers, so we are talking about celebrities and athletes. There are bots that target those accounts. so that immediately if you follow, lets say Toni Robbins a bot will target you because they think if you follow these celebrities well, we are going to try and sell you something on the back end. ⁣

These are the primary two reasons⁣

But we have some good news…⁣

I’m going to walk through how you clear that up. ⁣

⁣Here are two suggestions :

  1. Check out to review your account and give you an over view of your followers. ⁣
  2. Spend 10 – 15 minutes every morning going through your follower list to determine if its a bot. If it is remove them. The way you can remove them is to head to your followers. You will see three dots next to there name. Click on the three dots. hit remove, and then you’re done. ⁣

⁣Is this time consuming and annoying? Yes, but it’s worth it!⁣

You could hire a VA and before you think that’s a lot of money there’s alot of VA’s that will work for £8 – £12per hour. Imagine what it would look like to hire someone for 4 hours to remove the bot followers. A small investment could actually get you a lot more attention on instagram. ⁣

But why does all this matter? ⁣

Why am I proposing you to remove all those ghost followers?⁣

Well the instagram algrothium gages your content on people who are engaging. ⁣

So lets just say you put out something on instagram and it shows it to your bot or fake followers. Because they are fake they are not going to engage. And if they don’t engage it’s indicating to the Instagram algorithm that your content isn’t, engaging, important, fun or awesome. ⁣

Now I know that’s not true but the people that are actually seeing the content are fake, and they’re not going to engage. ⁣

So when you remove those fake followers and your content is show to people who actually want to see your stuff, there’s a higher likelihood of them engaging in the beginning. Now the more people to engage in the beinging indicates to the algorithm, hey, more people should see this. ⁣

Makes sense?⁣

So, what you want to do is focus on more people who are going to engage, so take the time to remove the fake followers.⁣

I understand that it is really tempting to look at your account and say look at my numbers I have 10k followers. But your account will go further and be seen by more people if you have 1k highly engaged followers that know, like and trust you. ⁣

Your posts will be more relevant to those people, there’ll tag their friends and leave comments. Then more people will follow you as a result of this. ⁣

1,000 highly engaged followers is far better than 10,000 followers who are passively scrolling by and not saying anything. ⁣

Don’t get caught up with the numbers, build relationships with those who engage. ⁣

Have you ever cleared out your account from ghost followers? If you have I’d love to hear your comments below.⁣

If you have any questions I’d love to hear back from you.



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