Find the System – it’s not supposed to be sexy, it’s supposed to work!

From a young age, my father emphasized continuous learning and he instilled in me the belief that I could do anything I put my mind to or be anyone I wanted to be.
And, in my humble opinion I believe we have gotten lost along the way to beach, the cars and
$$$, I want to be the best version of myself. I mean who doesn’t, right? But it’s HOW to be the best version of yourself that can be tricky, especially when there are so many demands on us in today’s world.

What I’ve realized over the years is that being the truest version of me requires me to be super
effective in almost all areas of my life. Schedules and systems play a huge role and follow through is critical. By doing this, I actually create time to do the things I really love to do and spend time with those I love.

No surprise there, right? Having enough time and money to do whatever you want, when you
want, with whomever you want is the main attraction for most people who start a MLM
business. So why do some succeed and others do not in their MLM business?

The biggest lack in MLM’s is that most people (not all) don’t have a current, successful system
to follow. And, sadly the result is people investing more money than they make into their business and they quit or they spend years being mediocre, middle-of-the-road … doing okay but not fantastic.

What worked for your upline ages ago, and what they’re still training on, may not be the best system for you to follow.

Trust me, I know.

For 10 years, I followed the system my upline told me to do. Each year I was creating lists of friends and family members, always chasing for new leads. Trying new activities just to meet people, thinking my next ‘ace’ might be there. Spending more time and money to find people. The old adage, “You need to spend money to make it,” became a popular phrase again. I was sick of reconnecting with friends and family time and time again. And, you know what?

They all got tired of ‘being sold to’ or were convinced I was in a pyramid scheme.

So, why were other people being more successful in the same company? What was the ‘trick’?

The ‘magic’ to their success?

 A SYSTEM. And, a system that works in today’s climate that is fast-paced and evolving all the time. A system that promotes online global businesses while still letting you be you.

So, I took my Dad’s advice and started learning again. I researched why certain marketers were
more successful online than others and I studied the shit out of them.

Here’s what I’ve discovered (drum roll) … it’s the system that is the advertising for your
business  The success is the result of the system working. See all those people posting about their amazing lives; the travel, the clothes, the experiences? That’s the result of following a system. They’re not any different than you and me.

It’s true, people join our businesses because of us, but they stay because they’ve become
successful. And, the only way for them to be successful is if they can train others to follow a
system and build success. Without it, they quit or end up medicore.

Mind-blowing right? Okay, not really. Afterall, massive franchises like McDonald’s wouldn’t
exist worldwide if they didn’t follow a strict system.
So, I began looking for a system I could implement for my MLM business since my upline didn’t have one. And boom, I found the VIP life. A simple, six-step blueprint for lead generation, sales and attracting new business partners. This is a system that allows me to be me and uses attraction marketing – the only real marketing that works in today’s market.

And, check out my posts recently! You’ll notice a lot more about my amazing life experiences I’ve been able to have thanks to this system and growing my business!

If you’ve just started your MLM business or are thinking about it, here are a few tips:

1) Talk to the person who has recruited you (or is recruiting you) and find out exactly what
they are doing, step-by-step, to build their business. If they’ve just started, that is okay.
But, do they have access to and are they being taught to use a simple, repeatable system
for getting started, goal setting, lead generation, business presentation, or training?

The team you’ve joined (or are thinking of joining) should have readily available documentation, recorded videos or webinars. There should be a proven system that you can just plug into. There should be a sense of culture for using a business building system within your immediate sponsor, your upline team and other team members.

2) Ask yourself:
a. Is the system being taught easy enough for the average person to plug into and use?
b. Once you learn it, will you be able to easily teach it to others?
c. Are the system methods and tools easily accessible over the internet?
d. Does it make sense and is it practical?
e. Does it have structure?
f. Does it include training for strategies on how to get started, how to find prospects, how to present the business to your prospects, how to close your prospects and then what to teach your new team members?
g. Does it include tools to aid you in the Network Marketing strategies you are being
taught including; online documentation, online training videos or recorded webinars, online support groups, online real-time training webinars?

You want to be able to say YES to all of the questions above. If you can’t then perhaps you
should look at another MLM company that fulfills these requirements or plug into the VIP life blueprint.

Afterall, you want your business to be hugely successful so you can enjoy all the
goodness your life will offer!



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