Discover The Fastest Way To Break Past Six-Figures Per Year And Have A Pipeline Bursting With Leads Who Want To Buy What You’re Selling …

Without Ever Making A Single Cold Call

(Skeptical? Good! You’re smart and will quickly understand Danny’s commitment to helping you WIN!)


Dear Friend,

If you’re reading this then that means you’re interested in finding out more about working with Dan & Liz on a one to one basis. We’re told that this is the time we are supposed to ’sell’ you on why we are the right coaches for you, but honestly … 

This Might Not Be For You.

And this isn’t some form of ‘reverse psychology’ to put you off and build trust with us. That’s not our style at all.

The real reason we say it is because when some people see the word “coaching” …they immediately think of “12 week transformations programme costing tens of thousands” …and that’s not really what either of our personal coaching is all about.

See, the main reason people work with us on a one to one (or even two to one) is NOT because they want to chase another shiny ball, with a quick fix boost and a 90 day sprint of activity doing more of the same.

Of course our clients do get a quick boost and many have been known to sprint for more than 90 days to grow, but the real reason they join is to get one thing … 

A Road To Freedom.

They don’t want to hear the same thing they’ve heard 1,000 times already.

They don’t want the latest algorithm “hack” or script.

Instead, they want clarity and focus. They want to grow their business in a simple, efficient and cost effective way in a way that works for them.

Basically, they want us to figure out exactly what they should do …and then help them do it.

We call it …

The “FFS Effect

Since 2017, we have been working with businesses just like yours and there is one problem they all share.

And after coaching over 2600 people personally, in just a few minutes we can see what the problem in your business is, saving you years of heartache …

From Feeling Trapped To Total Freedom


Take our client (and now friend), Pam, for example.

We first met her in 2017 and she was feeling fed up and frustrated from her business.

She’d had some success …was making pretty good money …but she was tired of travelling all over the country to meet prospects after exhausting her local market.

Can you imagine? Having a business that’s making money and appearing successful but being trapped in a cycle of over spending and negative self doubt. Awful!

She was working 24/7 trying to bring in extra sales …and it was almost working…but she was close to having a breakdown due to fatigue. She knew this couldn’t last forever (And as a new mum she was desperate to spend more time with her little man)

Anyway – turns out Pam’s “thing” could be fully transferred to being online. Which meant she could earn more profit and spend less hours working.

When we told her she said, “Oh for f*cks sake why couldn’t I see that?”. Hence why we call it the “FFS Effect”.


We helped her uncover the problem, fix it and fast forward to today …she’s completely changed her business model from offline to 95% online, she has more revenue than ever, and she has now launched a brand new coaching business as her 4th income stream.

She said herself, if it wasn’t for us, none of that would have ever happened.

Went from 100% OFFLINE to 95% ONLINE, Then Grew it By 300%

You’re probably wondering “How are results like this possible?” and “Would this work for me?”. These are great questions and we will answer them now for you.

First of all, this is not like anything you will have seen before.

When creating this programme, it would be fair to say, we ripped up the coaching playbook.

We didn’t want to offer the same as everyone else because the coaching model in our opinion is fundamentally broken … We’ve been through it ourselves … We’ve invested a multiple six figure amount going through the standard coaching model and continued to fail despite our best efforts. It’s a system made by the top 1% for the top 1% but sold to us as the ‘only way’. We knew there was a better way.

First of all, this is a year long coaching “commitment”.

We don’t believe in quick fixes and short term solutions… Think about it, if a business takes 3 to 5 years to build… A traditional 12 week coaching programme is just 4.6% of that. Regardless of the quality of the coaching, the time commitment simply isn’t long enough. We’ve seen multiple people burn through cash hiring coach after coach after coach. All teaching their ‘method’ as the way meaning your business is re-built from scratch every few months and never actually moving forward. It takes time to build a business and we want to give you our time, to support and mentor you.

We are also strong believers in mastermind support groups. Which is why we’ve included 4 mastermind coaching groups for you. These start once every 3 months and last 6 weeks… These are a great way to connect with likeminded people and help you to work harder as part of a group with extra accountability.

Same Same But This Is Different

As you can see, this coaching mastermind has been created with you in mind.


Like Dawn, when she joined, she needed a quick start to business to begin making money immediately after being let down by multiple coaches in the past. She used 3 of her 12 coaching sessions in the first two weeks… This helped her generate enough revenue in her business to cover her payment for coaching for an entire year. 

Dan signed up… In his first call he said he learned more in 45 minutes with me then he had in 12 weeks of coaching with a ‘well known’ coach who he had paid several thousands more to.

Deirdre had huge dreams to launch her very own coaching business. She had been working hard to build her network Marketing business for 4 years but felt stuck, unappreciated and unsure of what to do next. In less than a month she created her very first coaching offer… In just a few days she became a fully booked (and in demand) life coach after just 1 launch. 

Vera wanted to become a fully booked hair and makeup artist. She had been getting her daughter to use social media to advertise her work on her behalf as she didn’t have a clue where to start. Imagine that … her 13 year old daughter was having to show her what to do. Through our time together she learnt clear, easy to follow steps that doubled her makeup business revenue in a matter of months. 

Katie’s business started with zero revenue and a mountain of debt. Just 12 months later she was making nearly £10,000 a month. She told me she had learnt more practical, hands-on tools than when she received her PHD but was never taught how to run a profitable business. Now, she is able to work from home and control her own schedule which is particularly valuable as she has a 7 month old and an 7 year old.

They Wanted To Be Successful But Couldn’t Figure It Out

You may have noticed they all had one thing in common.

They wanted to be successful but couldn’t figure out how. Their willingness was there. So too was the effort and financial investment. It wasn’t for lack of trying on their part that’s for sure.

After they began working with me… Within weeks they all achieved incredible, life-changing results by taking action from my advice.

That’s why I created

The VIP Life – Elite

This is a clique of professionals.

Professionals who have six figure goals and beyond.

Some folks in our tight-knit group are already 6 and 7 figure earners and guess what?

We’re looking for people who are ready to go to the next level with us.

If you’re not a 6 or 7-figure earner yet, that’s okay.

If that’s where you want to go, then we want to help you get there… at LIGHTING SPEED!

However, this group is almost specifically designed to take high five-figure earners earning roughly £40,000 per year and help them breakthrough to 6-figures.

“What Would You Pay To Access And Take Part On The No Holds Barred Discussions Of Arguably The Most Elite And Extraordinary Salespeople Ever Assembled In One Place, At One Time?”

Does That Sound Like Something You Want?

If it is, we can help you. But we must tell you everything else first.

Creating a freedom based business so you can work when you want, how you want and with who you want – isn’t as easy as it looks. And this coaching will require your absolute commitment to both us and yourself.

This is why, for this to really work, we need to work with you 12 months.If you’re still interested, let us tell you more

Here’s What I’ve Got

What we told you about is called our Elite Coaching Mastermind. We’d love for you to join us.

Our entire focus is helping you to create a business which gives you freedom and happiness whilst doing something you absolutely love.  What we’ll reveal to you is proven-to-work and the BIGGEST secret to elevating your income… and your lifestyle.

Listen, when you’re part of our elite group, we’ll pour all of our money-making wisdom and skills into you and as we gain newer members …

… it’s your job to pay it forward and help those who aren’t yet on your level.

I don’t mean on a level like, we’ve got a lot more money than you.
You see, it’s all about experience, it’s not about money, it’s not about the material things.

While those are great and I enjoy them and so should you…
… when it comes to what I’m talking about, being at an elite level, I’m talking about… knowledge, information and experience, not material things.

You see, once you get in a situation where you surround yourself with the right people, who have the right information and the timing is right as well, the right things happen for you.

*Important Note: These are PRACTICAL STRATEGIES YOU CAN USE instantly, not just “ideas.”

Make no mistake, this Elite Mastermind is jam-packed with THOUSANDS of practical tips, strategies, and systems showing you exactly how to build a successful business using social media.

Plus, you’ll get access to a very specific blueprint I have used to personally earn hundreds of thousands a year and generated my clients multiple millions in revenue. 

Take Mark for example, he took one strategy on how to maximise running Facebook group challenges and generated £23,459 from a single week long launch.

And you can have results like this too.

I know for a fact that 25 different Elite Members who last year, each made well over £80,000.00 by implementing our strategy.

Just one thing, that came from being a part of our inner circle of elite business owners.

Who knows what’ll happen to you as you listen in, learn and network with elite level business owners who know how to attract, engage and convert their dream clients.

Recently, I was sitting outside a local coffee shop, in the middle of the town where I live and there were literally HUNDREDS of people walking up and down the pedestrian zone.

In the middle of them all was a guy in his mid twenties trying to get people to sign up to some charity and he was having no luck whatsoever.

After watching the 38th person in a row say no to him I thought “Danny, you’ve got to help this guy”

So, I asked him a few simple questions.

From that one conversation, I sat back down to finish my coffee. As I enjoyed my last sip, this same guy now had a crowd of over 200 hundred people desperate to give him and his charity money.

Just by changing one simple thing.

Right now, you get the same opportunity to learn my donkey system, by joining my Elite Coaching Mastermind.

You’ll connect with like-minded people who are earning the money you want, who’ve been through the experiences that you need to go through…

…And on top of that, by being a member of our exclusive network, you’ll also get access to our VIP Member Zone and Resource Vault where you can log in and there’s literally HUNDREDS of training videos on anything you want to know to build your online business!

Things like:



How to shut down deals faster than you ever thought possible (these counter-intuitive methods work like clockwork)


Never rely on “hope” again… as we both know, it’s never a good strategy (you’ll discover how to get leads on tap…even while you sleep)


How to become the #1 authority in your area… regardless of your age or experience (this is something EVERYONE needs to do)


The #1 secret top producers are using to “sell without selling” (you’ll be SHOCKED by how powerful this can be… when done correctly)

And SO MUCH more!

All of it is inside our beautifully designed and easy to use platform.

See, I have spent 4 years pulling together the very best in systems, experts and trainings and bringing it all together in one place to make your life to the top as pain-free as it can possible be. These trainings are going to show you how to…

Easily grow your authority on social media (this is the best bang for your buck if you want quality leads for dirt cheap)

How to laser target your audience (only talk to the BEST leads out there… no broke prospects)

How to easily close those people once you get in to their inbox (these are my insider closing secrets)

When you get started today with Elite Mastermind Coaching, you get to join an exclusive and international group of Top Level Leaders while also getting access to our online training.

Here’s the thing…

I believe in giving back and helping others and to be an elite member – you need to as well. We’re big on abundant thinking and know what a rising tide lifts all ships. When you hit the next level in your business, we want you to take responsibility of helping those who follow in your footsteps. This is a select club only for the best of the best. The better we all do, the better you do.

Make sense?

Since day one, this has always been the vision. An inner circle of greatness that isn’t prepared to wait their turn. Who are ready to take action now and need a trusted inner circle around them to support, cheer and collaborate their way to the top.

You see, elite level people don’t just follow a leader – they contribute.

This elite group is a collection of people doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

Here’s the deal, growing a business to an elite level will be the hardest thing you will ever undertake in your life …

… you will want to quit.

But, elite members won’t let you. We are all in this together.


You are here, right now, reading this because you have been seeking this exact thing for months, if not years. Finally, a place you belong, to be yourself.

Already, there are more than 40 elite level members in this community.

They’re collaborating, starting new businesses, passing on referrals and helping one another to make money.

In fact, to help more, I’ve even got my tech team and support staff back there!

That way, you’re able to quickly get help directly from my team, if you ever need it.

Listen, we have done everything we can possibly do to ensure your success.

It’s up to you now to join our elite inner circle network of professionals.

We’re at a point now to where you have to make a decision.

Are you in or are you out?

No more dilly dallying around.

Here’s What You Get…

Weekly Motivational Monday

Every week get your head in the game with the Motivational Monday training call. 

Weekly Elite Group Calls

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. 

Get direct access to me and ask me anything about how to grow your business and build a better life.

The VIP Life Member Zone 

You get access to over 200 hours of training diving deep into business, marketing, sales, funnels, social media and much much more. 

Elite Membership Community

Connect privately with other elite members and be surrounded by experts of like-minded people supporting you.

Tickets To Annual VIP Conference

Elite members are invited to our Annual  Conference as a VIP guest where you’ll learn the latest and greatest systems and strategies required to grow your online business.

Unlimited Coaching

If you need help, just ask. There are no limits to the number of coaching calls you can have with me. After each call, you will be given a tailored action plan. After completing the task, you can book in your next call via your elite coaching platform.

Enroll To The Elite Coaching Mastermind Now

Lowest Price

Yearly Access


Billed Monthly

I wish to commit for a full year and pay 12 monthly instalments!

Best Value

Yearly Access


Billed Annually (save £567)

I wish to commit for a full year and get 2 months free!

Highest Price

Lifetime Access



I wish to lock in my payment and commit for life!       

 Here’s The Thing…


You become the average of the top 5 people you spend the most time with.


Most of the folks in our group are 6-Figures or multi 6-Figure earners.


We’re asking you to hang out with us.


Will you?


Let us be your circle of influence. We’ll give you our insider strategies and techniques and hold nothing back – our #1 mission is to help you crush past 6 figures and beyond.


All we ask is that you join us.


When you become an Elite member, you get to hang out with rockstars

A global tribe of like-minded people creating a life of true freedom.

Our Guarantee!

We GUARANTEE that you can’t accomplish big things, if you keep doing small things. 

We also GUARANTEE that results don’t come if you don’t put in the work necessary!

…Here’s what else we GUARANTEE you…

We GUARANTEE, this is the best network of professionals who openly share their wisdom that you’ll ever be part of.

We also GUARANTEE that if you keep doing what you’re doing right now – nothing will ever change.

Not your bank account. 

Not your lifestyle. 

Not your circle of influence. 


And just like how there’s 2 kinds of people, 

now you must choose between 2 options.

Think of it like the matrix.

You can take the blue pill, stay in the matrix and your story ends.

You’ll go about your life the same way you always have and believe what you’ve always believed.


You can take the red pill, stay in wonderland, and we’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Our Elite Mastermind will show you how to experience real freedom, real influence and real results while aligning your with the most powerful top producers in the world.

The next step is up to you…

There’s Only 2 Options Left Now…

Option #1: You can take everything you read on this page and say “thanks but no thanks” and keep going on with your normal sales, normal life, normal friends and normal bank account.

There’s nothing wrong with that, if that’s where you want to be.

Our exclusive network is reserved for folks wanting to push past their limits and reach their full potential.

Option #2: You can do what 100s of other smart professionals have already done.

You can take the next logical step forward, join our Elite Coaching Mastermind, claim more than $3,200.00 in FREE bonuses and level up your life.

You’ll be part of an elite group of professionals who share referrals, lead generation techniques, closing tactics and other insider strategies without holding anything back.

Click the button you see on this page and get started right now.

We’re very selective as to who we want in our inner circle and I can’t promise that we’ll be accepting new members for much longer.

So, if you’re even slightly interested in joining, don’t put this off!

Make the smart business move and take immediate action right now by clicking the button on this page to join our elite membership before something else “pops up” on your computer (or phone).

We’re looking forward to having you.

Click the button on this page and join now!

Here Are Some 

Frequently Asked Questions…

1) Will this help my business, I’m not in network marketing?
Yes, the million-dollar strategies you’ll be shown can be translated into any sales business you have. The processes are the same, just plug your business specific info where applicable.
2) Is this billed monthly or how does the payments work?
Depends on your choice at checkout. If you invest the annual amount (saving you over £567) you will renew in a year.

If you choose the monthly option, you are billed automatically on the same day each month.

3) Can I let my boss, secretary, sister, cousin, baby momma, dead puppy, or anyone else into the group with me once I sign up?
Nope – one person admitted per subscription.
4) What happens if I want out? How do I cancel?
You’d only want out if you aren’t putting in the work. Decide now to do the work and don’t be a quitter.

But, if you just HAVE to get out, email me, Danny Clarke to process a cancellation.

But seriously… don’t do that.

5) Can I only access the training I want instead of fully committing?
No, you’re getting several thousand dollars worth of programs for less than if you were to buy each of the bonuses yourself.

Our network of high-level professionals alone is worth more than the monthly investment.

Imagine all the business connections, referrals and joint-ventures that could spark up… just because you’re part of the same inner circle.

Plus, why wouldn’t you take advantage of the rest of the training? That’s like having a Maserati and only wanting to use the trunk… sure it’s useful… but why wouldn’t you use the rest of the car too since you have it?

6) Do these strategies really work?
Yes – and they work for ANY business.

By becoming an exclusive member, you’ll instantly access my personal rolodex of high-level, savvy professionals. After you click over and get started, my people, will be your people.

You’ll get insider strategies being used RIGHT NOW to generate fresh, qualified leads.

Leads that WANT to buy,

Plus, thousands of people have already bought and seen results from the bonus trainings I’m about to gift you, just for taking action today.

If these strategies didn’t work, would all these people keep buying our stuff and seeing amazing results?

Of course not – there’s no way they can all be wrong.

Follow the strategies laid out for you, do the work, and watch the magic happen.

Here’s what one of our members had to say about joining…

7) What if I need help with some of the training?
We have an expert team that is available to assist you.

This is part of what you are getting when you join our Elite Mastermind.

Don’t be lazy and expect our network to do all the work for you, you’ve got to put in the time, just like anything else.

But if you’re needing help, you can talk to one of the folks in our Entourage network, post in the group, search in the group or attend the Wednesday funnelchat training that is available to you. Or, you could do all of the above.

Always remember – WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK!

8) How long does it take to see results?
There is no time guarantee and we can’t answer that question accurately.

However, the sooner you put in the work, the quicker results come.

We have seen people put in work and see changes within hours (i.e. more leads, better sales techniques, etc).

9) Why should I use this training instead of someone else’s?
You want to be the best, you learn from the best.

You rub shoulders with the Elite.

No one offers the knowledge, training, and support that we do.

And, the VIP network has multiple, multi 6-Figure earners that actively help and contribute.

Listen, you’ve made it this far, you may as well decide right now to stop being average and get started now.

What are you waiting for? These results aren’t going to get themselves!

Don’t waste any more time, click the button below and get started right now!