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Everyone can write compelling copy, even you!  This easy to digest course will teach you the exact principles all Copywriters employ when writing copy and content for their clients.

“how do i write spam free content?

“I never know what to write about”

How often do you sit blinking at the screen waiting for good content ideas to magically appear?

It’s a confidence crusher. You know you need to engage your audience online but you either can’t generate the ideas, don’t think you’re a good enough writer or simply don’t know where to begin.

Well, this course is where you begin.

We’re going to cover the fundamentals of copy; the key areas every professional copywriter employs when creating engaging content for their clients businesses.

The VIP Guide to Creative Copywriting has been created with you in mind. So if you’re struggling to get out of the copy blocks. this is for you.

No more second guessing yourself. Let’s get back to basics with The VIP Guide to Creative Copywriting.


digestible, and easy to implement

With The VIP Guide to Creative Copy, the 14 short video tutorials will guide you through everything you need to know.

STOP eyeing up other people’s content with envy and learn how to make YOUR content the envy of your peers by understanding:

  •  The difference between features and benefits.
  •  The importance of great headlines.
  •  Why you should write for your Mum.
  •  Which copy formulas to use and when.

Your voice is what your business needs

Module 1 - what is copywriting?

Understand the difference between content writing and copywriting, and which you should be using for the different aspects of your marketing strategy.

Module 2 - creating engaging copy

Understanding how the words you use can influence how your copy is perceived.

Module 3 - power words

Replacing ordinary words with power words can massively spice up your copy, and this module will show you how.

Module 4 - wiifm

What’s WIIFM and why does it have a huge impact on the connection you make with your audience? Find out in Module 4.

Module 5 - features & benefits

Features tell – Benefits sell. We’ll touch on this with some examples in Module 5.


Module 6 - emotional triggers

Your copy is useless if you don’t learn to use emotion in your writing. This module shows you how you can do this effectively for your business.

Module 7 - show, don't tell

Showing your audience how what you provide makes their life better is what good copy does.

MODULE 8 - know your customer

If you don’t understand your audience, what hopes and dreams they have, what fears keep them awake at night, then you’ll always struggle to connect.


How to speak in a language everyone will understand.


Never be stuck for content ideas EVER again with this genius idea generator.


Putting your copy together so it flows seemlessly from headline to call-to-action.


Discover how to create the kinds of headlines that compel your audience to keep reading. 


The importance of a call to action and how to write CTA’s that convert.



The best known copywriting formulas and how to use them to make the most of your content ideas.


With access to a 40 page ebook to accompany this course, you’ll also receive the following downloads:

  •  Features & Benefits Grid
  •  Headline Swipe File
  •  Power Words Swipe File
  •  Call to Action Swipe File
  •  Content Planner


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