Start looking like a VIP

How did Danny & Elizabeth Clarke grow their business 100% online without ever cold messaging a single person?

The answer is simple. They focussed on building a personal brand to attract their dream clients. Every successful influencer online has mastered this skill.

They figured out who they serve and what their message was through their personal brand. When you build your VIP Brand and share your message with the world, you will have people fall in love with you all over the globe who know, like and trust you and will be dying to buy your product and service from you.


Discover the real secrets that the biggest influencers online don’t want you to know


Gain certainty on who you are and the brand you display on social media


Learn what huge influencers invest thousands of pounds and years of study to find out

VIP Fave’s

Find out what our go-to apps and tools are to create professional images and videos

Who are 

Elizabeth & Danny Clarke?

Elizabeth and Danny Clarke are the husband and wife team behind the global brand, The VIP Life. They are both social media experts, international speakers and coaches. Their clients alone generate revenue of multiple million every single month.

Danny and Elizabeth founded The VIP Life in April 2017 to show people how it was possible to create your dream life using just a mobile phone and a laptop. They run their business online whilst travelling the world with their 3 young children. They have personally invested over £200k in courses and mentorship from people like Dan Meredith, Jasmine Starr, Amy Porterfield and Russel Brunson.

Recognised by Eric Worre as a top Social Media expert in Network Marketing

Created Four Business Generating Multiple Six Figure Revenue

25+ Years Experience in Direct Sales

Become a VIP

Get detailed support and personal guidance from Danny and Elizabeth as they walk you through each of the 10 branding steps.


Brand colour

Let us show you how to create a personal brand with a consistent colour theme. After this challenge, when your prospects see your social media, website, video and images, they will know with absolute certainty who they are following.             

Social Media

It’s well known, you have to be on social media to take advantage of the huge opportunity that presents itself every day for free. But, it’s very easy to get wrong and look like an amateur. Let us show you the secrets of the biggest online influencers and how you can level up your game.

Core Story

The most important thing about your brand is your story.  It is what makes you unique and stand out from everyone else. Yet it is in our experience the number one thing you struggle with. In this challenge, we are going to show you how to effectively communicate with your audience.

Images and Video

This is where 99% of people get it wrong. We get it. This was a huge challenge for us too. But we have now cracked the code. We’re sharing with you 25+ years experience in TV, film and modelling how to create the Hollywood images and videos minus the Hollywood price tag.


Core Brand Values

We start off the challenge by making sure you know exactly what to talk about to your audience. A good brand shares nice images and clever motivation posts. A great brand connects deeply and passionately with themselves and their audience on the most important areas of their life and business.


Let us be direct. First impressions count a lot. We wish they didn’t, it’s kinda superficial and doesn’t represent the wonderful depth of character you have. But, it is social media at the end of the day. So looks count. We want to help make sure you’re branding is clear and concise across all channels.

Create your own logo

All business have a logo. It might be something clean and simple like Uber, a simple signature squiggle like Gary Vee or something completely different. By having your own, it instantly gives you greater credibility and authority in your industry as a serious player.

professional photos

With a smart phone and the right editing apps it is possible to make incredible images. But, if it was so easy, everyone would get it right. What about lighting, composition, backgrounds, the best apps to use… With over 14 years commercial modelling experience for huge global friends, Liz will show you what to do in front and behind the camera for 3 images; indoor, outdoors and product display.

branded images

This is when we begin to bring everything together with our Branding Challenge. We walk you step by step through the process you need to follow to create all of the images you require for your social media. We do this regularly for 30, even 60 days at a time. So not only does your brand look great, you no longer have to spend every day worrying about it giving you the best of both worlds. 

video editing

This isn’t your usual video training. We know the tech side is important, and we will touch on that. But if you are editing boring, uninspiring videos, we don’t care how good you are using editing software, no one will watch them for more than 3 seconds. In this training we dive deep in to emotional storytelling and how to create a video that has a huge impact on your audience. Think summer Blockbuster meets Girl next door.

custom thumbnail

After creating a great video, it’s important you get as many eyes as possible on that video. Otherwise why bother, right? Your video’s thumbnail is a key reason why people click. Whether this is a video on your social media, YouTube or website… your thumbnail matters. And we are going to show you how to create the absolute best ones.

facebook profile

After the first week of creating a beautiful personal brand, in week 2 we begin to piece this all together for you. Let us show you how to create an inspiring Facebook profile, page and group. Along with some secret tricks of ours to get more people wanting to click on your profile so you attract the right prospects.

instagram theme

Don’t worry, we cannot leave out IG for you. We know this platform is much loved and for good reason. It is designed to show off your personal brand. Let us show you how to use all of the tools available to you to impact, motivate and inspire your prospects to take action on your profile.

Content planner

After it’s all said and done, looking good will only get you so far. We want to make sure you take action and implement all of the new skills you have learned. With our handy 30 day social media planner, we will help you to plan and execute your content using your new developed VIP skills.