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HINT: If You’ve Ever Wanted A Well Behaved Year 4 Student, But Didn’t Know How To Teach Them, Then Read Every Word Of The Letter Below…

“You know just as I do, these amazing children are still learning about themselves, so they’re used to behaving in a unique manner compared to older year groups.

They need to be treated differently and one of the biggest ways is allowing them more time to play…

In this letter, I’m going to reveal to you one of the best ways to begin helping your students to achieve more and most importantly reduce their stress levels… Before I do that, let me introduce myself.

My name is Sienna Clarke. In 2017 I went around the world with my family to see how other people lived their life. 

During this 12 month journey, I visited 3 different continents and made friends in every place I went. My Mum and Dad wanted me to experience new things and the world itself.

Before my trip, it would be fair to say my school work was just okay. My teacher was at times a little worried and even said I may be held back a year.

Then I went travelling and my school work improved greatly.

With more free time to play and see the world, I was happier and had more energy which meant I enjoyed my school work more. I realised then that my little trip, was actually making me braver and smarter.

After my old school friends and cousins saw how much better I was doing, they began asking what my secret was. After revealing that I had been enjoying more play time, they instantly started taking more time off themselves to be just like me. Once my trip had finished and I returned to school, the most incredible thing had happened. I started a new school and was now one of the top students in my class. In just 12 months I had gone from zero to hero!!

Introducing ‘Funky Friday’.

A brand new way for children to be proud of themselves through reward based activity. Currently, 30 minutes of break is not enough to remove the stress from these children. Studies show 60 minutes of play time increases a child’s working time by 2000% This means, as a teacher, you get more time to take a break yourself and your students get better results. A win win situation.

Take Malcom Sergeant school in Stamford. Only last year the school was close to being shut down due to poor performance. After introducing Funky Friday, there results have increased by 1.5 Billion %

Bluecoat’s school were desperately trying to boost results by launching a little dance club. The result? Things got worse. Until, they too introduced Funky Friday and now they have been rated a 5* school by people who have been there. To enjoy all the benefits of Funky Friday… All you have to do is say yes to this letter. After doing so, you’ll make 30 children very happy.

Yours Sincerely,

Miss S. Clarke

PS. To help your students (and yourself) introduce Funky Friday today

PPS. This offer will expire midnight March 12th

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