Every. Single. Friday

Weekly Accountability with an Elite Coach

Accountability Sessions


WhereThe VIP Life Facebook Group
When: Every Friday 12.30-1.30

Did you know if you have an idea you want to achieve you have an approximate 10% chance of achieving it. That same idea when written down and with a specific accountability appointment with the person you make that commitment to increases your chance of achieving it to 95%

That’s why every Friday we’ll be running live accountability sessions with one of our VIP coaches.

Every Sunday you’ll tell us EXACTLY what you want to achieve using our FLOW system

On Fridays we want you to report in and tell us what has happened.

Each week, one of our VIP coaches will be on hand to help and support you to become more consistent and accountable to yourself.

This isn’t about putting yourself down or beating yourself up, we are here to catch you when you fall and celebrate you as you fly.