My name is Danny Clarke. Alongside my wife, Elizabeth, I have created what I consider to be a pretty sweet life. We travel a lot (except for more recently due to Covid), multiple six figure revenue, spoken on stages and hosted events around the world, but more importantly I live a life which day to day makes me… happy.

But, life wasn’t always this good. In fact, for most of my adult life I was deeply unhappy, despite having all of the ‘things’ I was supposed to have. A nice car, a nice house, loving family.

Still something was missing. I was listening to other people telling me what to do. I was self employed, but still very much stuck in a job, working for someone else.

I dreamed of being able to live life fully on my terms and so in 2010 at the age of 23, I finally made the decision to start my own business. 

On day one I was ready to quit. It was so hard. Looking back, I was so naive. I genuinely thought after watching a few videos on YouTube, reading The Secret and making my first ever vision board I was just months away from making a six figure income.

Instead what came were painful lessons. I lost friends, I lost money and I very nearly came close to losing my life. You see, I did everything I was told to do. I was the most coachable person on the planet. Take my first side hustle attempt back in 2012. I spent thousands to be a product of the product. I spent thousands meeting people for coffee all over the country. I spent hours every day sending 30 daily messages to strangers.

And at the end of my first year I had achieved next to f*ck all. I was working hard but still got zero results.



Around the same time, I started my own business in the financial services industry selling insurance and shortly after mortgages.

Again, I did everything I was told, such as;

  • Making a dream list of the 100 people who would need my help
  • Cold calling places of business in every town, village and city near me
  • Trying to pitch everyone I knew
  • Going to networking events for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • And getting rejected over and over again…

Now, despite all of that, I could have easily handled the rejection. I didn’t mind people saying no to me, back then I didn’t even mind getting in my car and driving hundreds of miles a week meeting people.

What I hated more than anything else, was that it felt wrong.

I felt like I was aways ‘on’ and every person I met became an opportunity to make money. All of the sales books I read and webinars all taught sales tactics that felt so slimy and icky. I felt robotic, fake and a complete fraud.

For 4 years I continued struggling on. I just didn’t know what else to do. I’d spent so much on personal development and business coaching to be told the same things over and over. Just ‘speak to more people’ and ‘do more personal development’.

I’d got to the point where I refused to spend any more money on coaching and social media. I just didn’t trust the experts anymore. They all said the same thing and had one thing in common. None of them actually told me how to do it.


I was ready to quit. In 2015 at a training event, I even wrote in my diary:  “I’ve been at this thing for nearly a year now. How long is this gonna take to work out? It just feels relentless. I keep pushing and pushing trying to do my very best but it just doesn’t work. Why is this so hard! 

I am go grateful for the training events and motivational videos on Youtube to help me keep my faith. If it wasn’t for them I would have given up. I seem so close, yet so far away. I keep seeing success stories, so I know it works but it is like there is some secret that I am not understanding. Or maybe I just don’t have ‘it’ and I am not good enough. I feel so awkward against these polished performers.

My coach is great, but they’re not like me. I have 3 kids and a wife and another business. If I was single, and had all this extra free time, I could do what they’ve done. I want so much for my wife and kids to see me succeed at this. I want to allow my wife to stop doing makeup jobs at the weekends. I know she loves it, but to see her come back so tired and stressed, knowing she is missing out on family time with the kids makes me feel so angry and frustrated. 

Between our kids, our jobs and our  business, we hardly have any time for each other at all. If I could just create a shift and figure this out, everything would change for me. On most day’s I doubt myself and whether I’m ever able to make this work. There’s part of me that knows deep, deep down I can figure this out and make it work. I’ll be able to live like the leaders in our company and I’ll be able to help so many. I want to help other people so bad it makes me want to cry.” 



It was at that very moment I decided to stop listening to the same old tired advice I had heard for years. I wanted to build my business online. I wanted to do so by genuinely helping people and most importantly, I wanted to be me.

I wanted to share my flaws, no longer pretending to be perfect and just have a lot of fun along the way.

 I thought about how I had ever bought anything in my life and recognised a pattern. It didn’t matter what I bought. A new pair of shoes, flat screen TV or a sandwich at lunch. I went through the same six steps every time.

It was like a bolt of lightening had hit me.

I now knew why people kept rejecting me. By following the advice of all of the experts, I was doing almost the complete opposite of what felt ‘normal’ to do.

I was using fake scarcity, creating urgency, adding in power words, following the salesman’s prayer. And I realised something.


I could do this being normal. Six months later, my wife and I had gone from feeling like the biggest set of twats ever, struggling with this online thing to all of a sudden making money. Really good money in fact.  But that wasn’t all. my financial services company generated it’s first 7 figure revenue year and my wife had her first year braking the six figure mark as a makeup artist. All in the space of six months.

We were busier then ever, but it had all become effortless. In psychology this is referred to as unconscious competence. Which means the individual has enough experience with the skill that he or she can perform it so easily. And you can too because you’ve been doing this instinctively since the day you were born, which makes this such a powerful way to build your business.

If you’ve even been told to trust your gut, this is just like that only better. Because now you have been given the answers to the test meaning you are now always one step ahead.


IT WAS 2020

See, at this point most coaches / consultants / influencers would introduce their thing. Frankly speaking, this is when I used to. I would have said to you, I cracked the code that hundreds of thousands before us had not and we wanted to test ourselves to produce results for ourselves and others but on an even larger scale.

And these are all the reasons why you should buy…

But frankly, 2020 changed everything for me. Being a leader in the online space (which makes me cringe even saying that out loud) means I get to see a lot more of this space then perhaps others might. And what I saw, even experienced I hated.

The marketing formula I knew the successful business owners were using, was suddenly being used by every Tom, Dick and Harry as the online space become flooded due to the pandemic.

People who had previously had zero success, hadn’t even made a few grand online were selling almost identical products, programmes and courses to mine that looked the same, sounded the same, even cost the same…

And the thing which broke my heart…people were buying.

And so I started digging a little further and I realised how much of the gurus and experts online who are portraying themselves as the go to people in their niche were full of sh*t. 

Now, old Danny from a few years ago might have thought that was pretty cool. You know, because anyone and everyone could do this. But now, I realise just how unethical and frankly dangerous that bullshit can be.

Which led to me making a commitment. To no longer put marketing at the front of my business. Instead, a focus on two things – a quality product and customer service. A business built on the quality of my reputation and now the quality of my ad campaign. 

From day 1, my clients loved our refreshing approach. But, I soon realised that giving our clients information on just using social media ethically, was not enough. I knew, a business needs more than just social media to be successful. 

A business needs systems, time management, the right mindset, copywriting, video and editing, graphic design, sales, marketing, email, website, funnels, webinars, messenger bots… the list is endless. 

And whilst you may not need all of these things, you sure will require a lot of them… 

So i set my intention to create the best resource on the planet. A ‘one stop shop’ as such, for entrepreneurs and small business owners, wanting to build their business online to create genuine time and financial freedom. 

But rather than focus on just one thing, like everyone else, we focussed on giving you everything that you need to grow your business. We wanted this to be different. A special place where you can grow with us over months and years.

Coaching, mentorship and leadership in the truest sense. 

Not just a gimmicky 30 day programme that promises you quick and easy results, blames you for failing because it works for some people, sucks you up and spits you out and then forgets about you. Instead, a support system that is there for you during the good days and most importantly, the bad ones.

For me, this is my happy place.

For you, this could be just what your business needs to thrive. A place for inspiration and collaboration. Where we work together to achieve a better life for all of us. Where we encourage you to give as much as you take.

There is an even better way.