This challenge starts July 8th 2019 and will close 5 days later

Facebook groups are the #1 way to build and grow your Network Marketing business on social media.

But they are often misused and very misunderstood. Groups are not just a way to share information about your products and pitch what you sell. They are an incredible way to build a community of likeminded people who also happen to be your perfect prospect.

But there are hundreds of thousands of people are getting it wrong.

Earlier this year, Facebook announced their are 620 million active groups on their platform. But just think for a moment, how many groups are you in and more importantly, how many groups do you actively spend time in? I would hazard a guess at 2, maybe 3 at most. This challenge will show you how to create your group to be just like those groups you love to spend your time in.

If you’re looking for a way to use Facebook groups the right way, minus the fakeness and spam…  Even if you have all these things in place already … Are you optimising your description, cover etc… Does it need a redo or update? Are you making a good first impression…

You’re in the right place.

This challenge is a great starting point to understand why Facebook groups can work for you and why our principles are so effective.

 It’s a 5 day challenge running across Monday to Friday (July 8th to 12th) where you will be joining Danny Clarke and two Facebook group experts, Laura Brennan and Lindsay Hazelton, live every day.

We’ll be in the group each day to help you and to make sure you learn the right strategies to boost your group and engagement right away.

What’s holding you back from using Facebook groups to their fullest potential? This is without a doubt the simplest platform to use to generate engagement, grow your list and make sales right now.

This challenge is all about your implementation and results. Danny and the VIP team will be giving their all to support you and we expect the same commitment from you.

This is a free challenge, what do you have to lose?

What’s included in the 5 day challenge?


Group Description


Group Name


Cover Photo Design


Welcome Post


Group Engagement

How does the 5 day challenge work?

You’ll be invited to join a closed Facebook group alongside all of the other challenge members taking part.

Every day at 5am GMT a brand new video will be uploaded to the group. The video will be between 5 and 10 minutes long and will give you a clear walkthrough of ease of the daily steps plus a action plan for the day so you have a clear instruction to follow. You reply to the video your action step for the day for review.

Dan, Laura and Lindsay are available through the challenge to help you through each step.